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Robert has a background in property, finance and business.

He has 7 years experience working in various roles within ANZ Bank. After leaving ANZ he worked for various Mortgage Brokerages before founding and managing a successful, innovative brokerage of his own, Mortgage Cafe which was run by Robert for a period of 6 years.

Although finance and property were his specialities, Robert decided to take a huge change of direction by establishing Uptown Kids, a series of childcare centres throughout Auckland.

At the age of 31 Robert was lucky enough to become semi-retired. As his children grew older, Robert saw a huge gap within the real estate market. Custom Realty Group was shortly born after moving to the Gold Coast with his family. Bringing across all of his previous knowledge into Custom Realty Group – his passion is second to none.


Business Development Manager

Sophie was born in the United Kingdom where she studied Law, Psychology and English Language. She worked her way up within a national business whereby she assisted with the successful running of a £384m profit per annum business and covered a third of the countries retail stores.

After her family moved across to Australia – Sophie decided she would join them at the age of 20 on the beautiful Gold Coast, which was a difficult decision to make but she has never looked back.

Starting her Australian career within the legal industry, then manufacturing, she stumbled across her Australian calling, property.

Initially, working for a developer then moved across to the financial services industry, she has learnt all aspects of property and this enabled her to assist various clients into the right property, whether it was an investment or a home. Sophie lives and breathes property and is working with Robert to grow the Custom Realty Group model into its full potential.

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